Discretionary and Pivotal Grants

Discretionary and Pivotal grant

We R Skills offers a Discretionary and Pivotal grant service where we manage the application , execution and conclusion of discretionary and pivotal grants for the clients. Further more we liaise with the relevant SETA and training providers to ensure all training is completed and grants paid out to the client.

What is a Discretionary grant?

Discretionary grants are paid to applicants at the discretion of the SETA’s for Skills Development Projects, linked to scarce and critical skills and are awarded to companies that apply for training that falls within the SETA’s skills development practices objectives and targets.

Availability of projects and grants are subject to the SETA’s board discretion and may be reduced, withdrawn or cancelled, upon informing the industry of SETA’s intention to do so.

The types of training programs that a company can apply for are:

  • bursaries
  • internships
  • learnerships
  • work placements

What is a Pivotal grant ?

A Pivotal grant is a type of Discretionary grant that is purely awarded to learners that have never studied in the direction that they want to follow. This grant has been made available to assist school leavers, unemployed learners and employed learners that wants to follow a new or different career path.

The purpose of Discretionary and Pivotal grants are to encourage employers, accredited training providers and stakeholders to contribute towards the achievement and objectives of these establishments.

A Discretionary & Pivotal Grants are available to the following applicants:

  • Companies that are up-to-date with their levy payments
  • Discretionary grants are available to employers, training providers and workers and the unemployed
  • Accredited Education and Training Providers and emerging training providers within the SETA sector.
  • Other associations or organizations that meet the criteria for the payment of such a grant.


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