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Skills development

According to the skills development levies act, all employers with an annual payroll of R 500 000 or more or who has more than 50 employees are obligate to pay 1% Skills Development Levies to SARS for training purposes.

When you do training in your company and report on that training with the relevant SETA where your company is registered you can claim up to 50% (Mandatory grant) of that levy back in a form of a grant. ( this has been amended back to 50% in 2015 )

You can claim a further 60% back and stand a change to receive further grants when you train and plan for PIVOTAL training.

We R Skills is involved with over 10 different Seta’s and continuously attend their workshops with regards to new legislation and changes in the training programs in order to supply our clients with the best information available.

When a client signs up with We R Skills as a service provider, they make themselves available to the most recent information on:

Seta funded training programmes

Advising ways to align the training in the company to BBBEE standards

Quarterly grant pay out information (as in what the grant is for, when it can be expected to be paid out, value of the grant being paid out etc)

Thoroughly completed and checked WSP and ATR reports aligned to BEE standards

As registered Skills Development Facilitators, your reports are more accurate and give your company a better change on a higher percentage Grant return.

We liaise with the SETA on behalf of our clients, thus eliminating any ambiguity that might arise.

All reporting information is collected from the client, and used to prepare the best report.This report will be presented to the client before submitting in order for changes to be made, leaving the client with only signing off on the reports.

We R Skills further also provides a skills development facilitation (SDF) service in assisting organizations to:

  • Conducting Skills Audits in order to determine the skills gaps in the company
  • Assisting in creating a Skills Plan for the year through the skills audit and company training plan
  • Training Management
  • Assisting in the alignment of the companies Skills Development to better their BBBEE rating
  • Attendance of Committee Meetings
  • Seta Meetings/ workshop/ company representation
  • Liaising with relevant SETA’s
  • Feedback on mandatory grant payouts and

We R Skills assists in all aspect of the skills development when providing this great services to the organizations

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