Training Management

training managment

Every company at one stage or another needs to do training.

Whether it is to up skill with in the company, offer bursaries or learnerships to new employees or even for the purpose of improving your BBBEE rating, training is important.

Through small & larger instances of training, employees become more knowledgeable in their specific area of training and can then provide the company and their clients with better service.

We R Skills offer our training management service in combination with our skills development service where a skills audit firstly determines the skills gaps in the company as well as the interest in training.

With this service We R Skills manages all the administration needs of the company when if come to the training.

When a client signs up with We R Skills as a service provider, they are making it possible for the company to source the newest and up to date training courses available.

Once We R Skills completed a skills audit in the organisation  through our Skills development service, we can quickly identify the skills needs of the organisation and align it with the current skills plan or develop an new one, with the client in mind.

From here on We R Skills manages the project with monthly reports and feedback.

This training management service ensure that the correct training is sources and planned according to the learners schedule.

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